Plan NHC Overview

New Hanover County is creating the first Comprehensive Plan for the County. This will be a document, used as a guide, to address our county’s current development trends, determine a vision for how the community would like to see New Hanover County develop over the next twenty five years, and determine a plan for how to achieve this vision. The Comprehensive Plan will address six cross-cutting themes; a Livable Built Environment, Harmony with Nature, Responsible Regionalism, Interwoven Equity, Healthy Community, and a Resilient Economy. We encourage you to participate in this process. Please browse this site to see how you can get involved or contact us at

How to Get Involved

To participate in the process to create the Plan, read through our Public Participation Plan and sign up for updates on how you can become involved!

Can’t attend a meeting in person? No problem, share your opinions, ideas, and feedback online through virtual town hall meetings and online forums. Click here to provide your input



National Recognition

New Hanover County is proud to be one of ten communities across the nation selected to serve as a pilot community for the American Planning Association’s Comprehensive Plan Standards for Sustaining Places.

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