Growth Nodes

Included on the Future Land Use map are three areas that have been identified as Growth Nodes or critical core centers that serve surrounding areas. These areas have the most opportunity to become the epicenter for a higher density development pattern. Currently two of these, Monkey Junction and Kirkland/Porters Neck, already function as major commercial, retail and business centers. However, looking forward as they continue to develop and redevelop they will need to do so in a sustainable way in order to serve a growing population. Currently New Hanover County segregates its zoning districts. In order to achieve sustainability these town centers will need to develop in a way that mixes the uses. Mixing commercial, retail, business and residential together creates the ability for residents to walk and bike to amenities and services that current require a car. More people on bikes and sidewalks translate into fewer cars on the road. The creation of residential density and commercial/retail density also allows the nodes to become public transit hubs. Along with the transportation aspect, the mixing of uses creates vibrant communities as the density creates interaction among the residents and businesses. Property zoned for mixed use also fetches higher property values and allows flexibility for developers. Mixed use development promotes the conservation of green space and vertical mixed use minimizes development footprints. Click on the tabs to learn more about each Growth Node.

The northern growth node around Cape Fear Community College’s north campus represents an opportunity for dense development anchored by the college. Proximity to the school is an attractant for a mixture of uses that would include residential, commercial, and retail development. This growth node could accommodate big box retailers to serve those in the Castle Hayne area as well as those along Sidbury Road. With development predicted in the north eastern section of the county this center could be vital to future development in New Hanover County. The node has easy access to 1-40 and the I-140 bypass, as well as N. College Road and Blue Clay Road.

The growth node located in the north eastern area along Market Street in the Kirkland and Porters Neck area of the county represents an opportunity for dense development. An already established area with businesses, big box retailers, major grocery stores and restaurants, this node will focus on redevelopment and vertical expansion. This center serves the residents of Porters Neck, Figure 8 Island, Ogden and even those in Pender County. Opportunities to expand are great as new development in the north eastern portion of the county is expected. Neighboring Pender County is expecting new growth just over the county border. This Kirkland/Porters Neck node will not only serve locally but regionally.

The growth node located in the south center area of the New Hanover County where College Road and Carolina Beach Road intersect, also known as Monkey Junction, represents an opportunity for dense development.  Currently serving as a center with businesses, big box retailers, major grocery stores and restaurants, this node will focus on redevelopment and vertical expansion. Projected as well as witnessed growth in the Monkey Junction area will attract the need for more business, commercial, retail and service oriented development. Built out, this growth node will look towards a vertical mixture of uses and include residential in the mix to allow the ease of access to services.

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