Interactive Maps

New Hanover County is pleased to provided online interactive web maps that give the users a chance to learn more about the Future Land Use Map and Natural Systems areas.

The Future Land Use Story Map is an interactive map that allows individuals to explore the future land use map with the ability to toggle between the current land classifications, existing zoning districts, and natural system areas. These maps are intended to be a source of information used in conjunction with the Future Land Use map by New Hanover County’s Planning staff, Planning Board, and Board of Commissioners.

  • Click on the tabs below to select different maps
  • Use the + (plus) or – (minus) icons to zoom in and out. (or use your mouse wheel)
  • The different colors represent Place Types. When you click on a Place Type, a pop up with a hyperlink for more information will appear.
  • Click on the “Growth Nodes” (red circles) to learn more about them.
  • For more information browse through the Plan NHC website
  • For questions or comments please email
  • Works best with an up to date web browser*



The Natural Systems Map is designed to fully explore the resources included.



How To Navigate the Map


Layer List – This widget provides a list of operational layers and their symbols, and allows you to turn individual layers on and off. Each layer in the list has a check box that allows you to easily control its visibility. Layers having expansion arrows indicate that they contain sublayers or subtypes. The order in which layers appear in this widget corresponds to the layer order in the map. This widget provides functionality allowing you to change the order of layers in the map.


Legend – This widget displays labels and symbols for layers in the map.


Basemap Gallery – This widget presents a gallery of basemaps and allows you to select one from the gallery as the application’s new basemap.


Home Button – This widget zooms the map to the initial map extent.


My Location – This widget allows the network to detect your physical location and zoom the map to it.


Print – This widget connects the web application with a printing service to allow the current map to print.


*Interactive map works best with an up to date web browser*

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