Monkey Junction Plan

New Hanover County’s Comprehensive Plan—PlanNHC—identified Monkey Junction as one of the county’s growth nodes, or areas of targeted development.  While PlanNHC outlines a broad vision for this area, more detail is needed to guide the county’s decisions about land use, capital investments, and services.  For these reasons, Monkey Junction will be the focus of a small area plan that will address the area’s unique needs and opportunities.

Over the coming months, Planning & Land Use staff will work with the community to identify what is possible, desirable, and appropriate for this area.  We will provide a variety of forums and events for public input and feedback.  Please visit this website or sign up to receive plan updates to get information on upcoming activities.


 Planning & Land Use staff have completed a scoping report for the Monkey Junction project that is meant to guide future discussions and research.  It includes information on the area’s history, development patterns, transportation conditions, and environmental features.

Over the summer, staff will be interviewing key stakeholders and conducting further research on the area’s existing conditions and development potential.  A report outlining our findings should be complete and available to the public in early fall.  Once this report is complete, we will begin holding special events and workshops to get input and feedback from area residents and other interested citizens.

The study area for the project includes the intersection of Carolina Beach Rd. and S. College Rd. and the surrounding residential areas.  The Wilmington city limits and major roads serve as its boundaries.  The majority of the plan’s recommendations will likely be targeted to the area’s main commercial hub.

Just outside of the study area are neighborhoods and businesses that could be affected by any change to the Monkey Junction study area.  As a result, the people who live and work in the surrounding areas—shown in gray on the study area map—will be included in the plan’s public engagement.

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